Martin Dyrløv


Martin Dyrlov’s work is characterised by keeping the motif in focus with clean photos, well balanced both in colour and composition. Whether it’s a food shoot, landscape, lifestyle or portrait it’s the natural daylight “look” that important to achieve. Born in Bangkok, living both in Asia and Europe he picked up his camera at the age of 13.

In Thailand he walked around the streets of Bangkok, photographing monks, temples, and food markets, for the postcard industry, and editorial travel essays. After graduation high school in Bangkok in 1989, he travelled around South East Asia, then returned to Denmark to get an education in the photography business. Four years later, after working for leading photographers in Denmark, Martin established his own studio in Copenhagen, at the age of 24. Martin currently works for advertising, editorial and book publishing , which enables him to be very flexible in styles and looks. For the past years Martin has worked on global shoots in Asia, South America and US for global top 100 companies, both for global campaign usage and building stock. Martin is newly based in Copenhagen center harbour area, where his lightning style is influenced by his daylight studio.